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Debocados and Tokitan are traveling to Poland on december and they will be visiting Cracovia and Varsovia, among other places. If you know what to see, eat or do in Poland please leave a comment and let us know. You can also contact us on Twitter, or use the hashtag #nextstation. We'll study if it's interesting for the next travel video guide and include the selected trip suggestions...

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Who we are

We are a small transmedia production company. We love our work, and we love to travel. That’s why we have launched this new project. It wants to be an alternative and innovative travel video guide, a different way to know what you can see in a destination. Of course, all the possible interesting suggestions don’t fit in 4 minute videos. This is just an approximation to a place, an story told in an universal format: You dont need to know different languages to understand our videos. You only need a map.


We love doing it, but everything has it cost. We want to be a special travel guide, as well as we are exploring new funding ways. If you are a Tourism Office, a travel service, a restaurant or whatever, you can become some kind of a partner for new episodes. Help us keeping this project alive facilitating our acces to new destinations and places. We are also opened to partnership and funding arrangements. Our statistics are what Vimeo says, but if you need some more data and cool graphs, just knock the door.


As a travel webtv, as soon as we publish new videos we will be announcing our next station. Sometimes it could be a destination we’ve been before, sometimes not. Anyways, we would like you to participate, suggesting what to see, eat or do. If you know a “must see” for our next trip, leave a comment in the next station. We’ll check if your suggestion fits in our story and include the selected ones in the next video. That way, next episodes will become something like social travel guide videos.


This project is under the creative commons BY-NC-SA license. But those companies, TVs, organizations, websites or whatever that share all their content with a free license can use our videos, even for commercial purpouses. Contact us and we’ll give you explicit permission. If you don’t share your content with creative commons licenses and you are interested in broadcasting our videos commercially, write us and we’ll study the conditions and find a solution. Of course, embeding from Vimeo or other video platforms is allways allowed.


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Other works

We dont live to work, but we must work if we want live. Travel Guide Videos is a good example to see how we do our job. It’s just an example, though. We can shape ideas for your exact specific needs. If you need to tell a story and  you think we can do it for you, use the contact form and we’ll talk about it. We are specialized in audiovisual production and digital storytelling. We love webtvs, social networks, and mobile apps, and we believe in participation. In other words, we combine various media and platforms to tell a story.